My Daily Field - Ochollo Mulato, Ethiopia: This stretch of land bordered the path that we hiked each day to the archaeology site. The green grass continued passed the traditional style housing and into the rolling mountains beyond. There were children at these homes most mornings, they yelled Gamo hello's across the field, "Lo! Lo!" It was funny to see ferengies (Amharic for bright and used in reference to white foreigners) and they crouched after every yell, hiding and giggling as we passed. It was fun for me too. This type of construction is being slowly replaced with corrugated roofing and square floor plans. It is true that the metal lasts longer. It is also true that the metal costs more than the free grass and its use inadvertently ties people into an economic system that they're only barely a part of. It was tough for me to leave this place, I snapped as many mental pictures as I could. Luckily, I also caught some with my camera.