Foal - Nech Sar (White Grass) National Park, Ethiopia: We saw many herds of Zebra in the distance, grazing in the open white grass plains. They kept their distance, moving in unison with their grazing partners the Thompson's Gazelle. For some reason, however, this group didn't immediately run away. We ditched our vehicles and moved up on foot, slowly, step-for-step, pausing, then moving again, until we got closer and closer. We ended up with an incredibly intimate view of this family of zebras. Their muscles twitched with rapid fire, keeping a tight cluster as we sat as voyeurs, enjoying their company. This one foal stayed masked by it's parent, never moving too far past the shielding profile. At last, however, the young zebra took a few steps passed the rear of it's protector, showing off it's beautiful face. I'm glad that we didn't spook them and dually appreciate their time.